With more than 2200 models CREATIQUE Technologie develops in accordance with your requirements testing modules, industrial connectors, test tables, connection modules and automatic interconnection systems for your production lines.

Creatique has developed comprehensive Electrics and Electronics test solutions dedicated to manufacturers, suppliers and integrators of the automotive industry. They are adapted to the test of door, cockpit, seat, roof, calculator, bumper, lighting, ECU, engine and to all the electric and electronic components of the car.

Our large machining capacities, thanks to our partnership with the firm I-MG, enables us to fulfill all your requirements in precision machining and high-precision milling, turning, regrinding, spark machining...

CREATIQUE-Systems develops and integrates management-solutions (ERP System) for small and medium-sized firms in industry and trade. Production management (CAPM, CMMS), sales management, customer relations, accounting and finance, and Internet-portal, we offer rich, integrated products, compatible with many configurations.It is our mission to help the IT-development of your company with innovative and adaptable products and global service.